Elle Jackets side by side Styles by Block - A Favourite for Life - -Same-Same, But Different - Amelia side by side - A Favourite for Life - Once you've found a fit & style you love, you can get it again & again. Millie Skirt side by side - Same-Same, But Different - Dalliance & flirt with colours, textures & fabrics. Adventure Beyond: The same fit, just re-flavoured.

What is a block, I hear you ask?

A block is essentially a basic pattern which denotes the standard sizing & proportions for a type of garment.

This basic pattern outlines features, such as the waistline, bust point, armhole & hipline placement, of that specific type of garment, ensuring that each design created from the same block will have the same fit.

A block is created without any design elements or seam allowances, allowing the pattern maker to simply nail down the desired shape of the garment.

Once the basic block has been established, different design elements such as pockets, zips & collars may be added to change the look of the piece without changing the overall fit - hence we end up with multiple fun & colourful variations of the same basic garment.

Elle, Millie, Julie - what do all these names mean?

If you have looked through our website or social media feeds you may have noticed that we often use variations of the same women's names.

There is of course the Classic Elle, but then there is also Elle Goes Camo, Elle Loves being in Blue, Elle in the Midnight Jungle, the list goes on...

Don’t worry, we aren’t doing this to confuse you, these names are just our easy way to refer to different blocks.

All garments featuring the same woman's name are part of the same block & will have the same cut & fit.

Why should you care?

Julie looks great on you? Every garment featuring her name will fit you just the same!

We often produce various editions of our garments & although they may look different, if they feature the same name, you can be sure that they will have the exact same fit* - guaranteed.

*While all pieces will be cut from the same block, the stretchiness or rigidity of certain fabrics may marginally affect fit.